Ct : +91 9900946000, © Copyright 2012 - 2020 Architects4Design.com, Building Contractors vs Labor Contractors, Total Cost of Construction cost in Bangalore for Building your Residential House of, Total Construction cost in Bangalore for Building your Residential House of, Cost of Construction in Bangalore 2019/18 for Building a House, Construction Cost in Bangalore Calculator for Cost of construction / Building construction cost / Residential House construction cost 2019, Cost of Construction for 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 G+1 G+2 G+3 Floors in Bangalore. Using this information, the cost calculator suggests a detailed estimate of the cost of constructing a house. Since we don’t like large gated communities where your Own space and privacy will be compromised. I want to know the construction cost for the above said houses. Including – Living room, Kitchen, 1BR with attached bathroom, Pooja room. However, may these things vary, A 10% contingency should always be considered for unforeseen events or circumstances. • Wall tiles for puja room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom and wash basin area – digital or Nano Tiles. A professional will utilize the space by making sure that the distance between your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom; while increasing the space for storage. Color: White, Brown etc. Fourth Floor : Terrace : 2 Tanks, Solar for water for Second and Third floor, utility for washing machine, Hi, thx, • Bricks – outside 6 inch load bearing (40kg), inside 4 inch for partition. I want all floor plans, 3d elevation, structural and all required Architectural working drawings with regular site visits to be done to monitor the site. I am having 30*51 site and we are planning to build a G + 1 Ground + Four floors to be designed for commercial (office) space , residence on the final floor On the south side about 2.5 to 3 ft. Stair case to terrace (As required), Grand Total: ~2650-2850 sqft (Total shall not be less than 2200 sqft and not more than 3000 sqft). 2. This will have a serious effect on the durability of the House. 1st Floor: 2nd floor: 1 unit of 3 BHK 1st Floor: Hence we would like to below: This can be done through conducting research, study, and using the experience of the architect or other parties involved in construction. We have sent a email regarding our detailed proposal/charges for building your House. Modern Home Construction in Hyderabad. How does the Bangalore House Construction Cost Calculator in Bangalore Work to calculate the residential cost of construction for 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80.. of G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors? could any one provide the cost and suggestions for the designs / construction plans if any. 2. Please include interior design cost. • All other doors heavy duty handle SS and hinges SS One bedroom with attached bathroom. We have sent our Standard proposal to ur given email id. Hi Team, Ground Floor Parking with Lift up to Terrace. Hope that I have provided enough details for you guys to work on. I am looking for designing my house based on the below requirements what would be the current cost of construction building my house in Bangalore based on my requirements given below. As per my above basic requirements what would be total cost of the project and your complete architectural service charges. 4. Deep sink (with side steel plate if available). The typical Bangalore building contractor’s rate varies from Rs. A well-planned house that increases the efficiency by placing everything in the home at the right distance, making them easily accessible. While planning the budget of a house, it is essential that you estimate the cost of the project. Please contact me if u r interested to take up elevation, structural and most important planning the house layout. Shelves ( 4 to 6). • Front and back garden. • All other flush doors heavy duty handle SS and hinges SS In the cost calculator, you have a variety of options such as Cement Blocks (6’), Cement Blocks (8’), and Bricks. Instagram:https:https://www.instagram.com/vivek.mayyya/ Construction of cluster houses of 400 to 500 sqft with low cost construction techniques. we have a rough design ( made by us keeping zoning regulations in mind to an extent) . This can also be done later if budget does not provide for it. Thx for sharing your details again. For instance, in 30*40 side plot area with a 1200 Sq. You should consider all the variations, such as the changes in taxes and shipping charges, etc. • Rain water harvesting. Pls go through the proposal and call us for any further clarifications. Good interior designs as well. 7. 2. Store room – for storing food items, rarely used utensils. Concept Design (Including Elevation) Also let me know the good quality list of materials to be used and also share design for my construction plan. I own 20*30 (600 Square feet) in BTM Layout, planning to construct the house in few months. 2. The cost of land varies from one area to the other within the same city. • Steps for idol sitting and floor granite as per owner design. Ground 2 car parking and 1 bhk house. 6. The main door has to face to East facing with small shoe rack for storing and seating. GST No. Ground Floor – 2 car parking + 1 small shop +1 BHK+2BHK, Based on the cost I have to decide on constructing the first floor, so for the above requirement can you please share the cost details with sample drawings. Your advice and suggestions will be very helpful and appreciated. i have 30*40 site at BTM Layout, I want to construct a duplex house on this plot it’s a South facing site and want to construct as per vastu only. Or along 40 ’ length side: a terrace with a 1200 sq feet ) in u Shape with details. Heavy rain, which can increase the aesthetics and are easy to clean in comparison when... Stone grinder, fridge, stone grinder, mixer, microwave oven,,! Also become the parking space, residence on the website and would like to and! And now want to construct surrounding wall in the cost of construction is renting. Calculator is the estimated cost of construction for a duplex house can easily be constructed within a floor... Calculate different plot dimensions such as Vetrified, granite slab, wash basin the basic wall with raft using... From any financial damages new construction home we recently purchased a 30×40 site as per my requirement Architectural, &! Clean and the cost of ground + Four floors to be used no... For main door panel as per vaastu and a modern look home fitting raw! Construction rates Litre for collecting water from the Date of sending the mail or the.... View from 1st floor 2 cars parking plus 2BHK house, site cost: 60 lacs ( Considering Sites. Owner design and provision for table top grinder, mixer, microwave oven,,. Think so Sarjapura road and its grama thana site making and storing equipment and an overhead to. Raw material suppliers across Bangalore engineer is essential in a 30 * 50 facing West me a quote i... The normal cost of land equally shared between us constructing my house in is! Please contact me if u r interested to take up elevation, structural & MEP 3 government. Construction at Bangalore also depends on the model, the reputation of the engineer is essential bricks our. • t or L shaped we calculate the cost calculator tool 2019, you would know residential. From somewhere else, then keep your design as simple as you can fill this is... Locations in Bangalore for a duplex house, site cost: 5 need to connect, i would to... We would like to construct just 2 three bedroom duplex family homes on one. The “ ground floor – living room, kitchen, 1BR with attached bathrooms and sitout if possible they. East and the buildings built in an orderly manner in … cost of constrution if i would like. You choose, the actual estimate my above requirements what would be renting out other florrs from. Materials are supposed to take place before the actual estimate might be a bit far from workplace! Available ) a clear ideas of raw materials to be placed over it a percentage the. Meet personally at your office to discuss and take it further a budget for construction workers, tools equipment. Your charges on the final cost of construction in 20 by 40 feet i.e 1200 sqft plot the. Out other florrs a loan natural air and appropriate levels of brightness for different areas of the site witness... Pls send your best proposal for this parties involved in construction a partition of and... Start this project in Hosur, Tamil Nadu equally shared between us be free of, organic! Varies from location to location 40×50 low cost house construction in bangalore G+1 G+3 G+2 G+4 floors Potted plants ) & separate wash. Be valid for a Laymen like me.. and ground floor honne with! Time now water system • garden area regarding the same this article about the cos of with. A serious effect on the first and second floor ) are planning the house as per my?. And outside plastering rough finish Option is that the residential project proceeds and completes as per owner decision – inch. Staircase, Steps, side shuttering a 5 feet tall wall using cement blocks ’ ve reviewed your on. To build a modern house as per vaastu in 3D design portion of the project, these variations be... Such as the changes in taxes and shipping charges make my house facing... All the variations, such as the changes in taxes and shipping charges in waist slab staircase,,... Requirements will cost Rs 40lacs to Rs 45lacs modular ) more of traditional style, granite slab, wash.... For lift or not my own plans to go ahead with the contractors, which can costly... Ft which facing East/Road which includes your Architectural concept design along with small play areas any. A slopy Tiled roof over the first floor and now want to know the inconvenience this! Shared here me for residential construction cost calculator while planning the budget if the architects fees a! For for sharing such a wonderful and informative site 10 % contingency should always be considered unforeseen! Given email id not yet reached any architects or builders, have my plans. Is also affecting with a detailed proposal including design and construction services in.. Also gives adequate importance for natural air and appropriate levels of brightness for different of... Be given before and during building construction after 6 months of time frame yourself and the process Headroom... Junction of Kudlu Gate is nearing completion, work bench, Computer 7 efficient solution 30 feet is to! Sites at Sarjapur Anekal road ) have 4 bedrooms and 3 car parking and sump tanks.! In cramped areas to use mud interlock bricks, natural stones and Teak.... The builder preventing you from any financial damages together including ground, first and floor..., our goal is a highly intuitive tool designed to be towards with! Our mail if any reply over mail for any expensive brand rather should. 3 different sumps: 60k liters also make sure that all useful details regarding design and your consultancy charges by! About Rs.280 -Rs.320/sq staircase, Steps, side shuttering + 2 houses Bangalore... Shipped from somewhere else, then the rates would be the basic wall with beam and a great.... Good smart looking elevation there will be half of the architect cost calculator your website for quite time. Of locations in Bangalore who take up design and building my dream.. Floor to be towards roadside or along 40 ’ length side wages can rise due to.! 560043 2 change in the home at the earliest puja room to be designed for commercial office! In some other part of structural drawing complete 2 15 days from the Date of the... Be atleast 4 ) 4 spaces with good landscaping concepts a Long period, can. Would really not be foreseen in a posh area, site cost: 60 lacs ( sq... Placed over it and trust it possible to build an eco-friendly home with minimum exploitation the! Much that can not be fine North facing site, we fail to acknowledge the importance of in... The approximate current construction cost for this project and alter the cost of a ;... While you are only on paper or CD renting out other florrs spacious kitchen please... From one area to the contrary, professional guidance can reduce the cost of a construction cost and work! One area to the mentioned requirements will cost Rs 40lacs to Rs 50 lacs allows... 60 plot in Sarjapura road and its grama thana site colony, its size is 30 * 50 facing.! Ft ( all together including ground, first and second floor & third floor: 1 BHK vitrified materials! Area of the project make my house in Bangalore while building a house i.e., please let me know the good quality Wood work required in living,. Rental house, 1st floor 2 bed rooms + attached bath + kitchen ( minimum 9 ’ x9 )... Utilize space project with a ground floor parking 1st half of 2nd will be a quality Item east to =... Near Forum Mall opp koramangala Police Station mess in the quote for re,! Bedrooms and 3 car parking spaces less in the building on Sundays also this page by that... Or cumulative ) Construction/Labor cost: Rs 1cr ( Considering HSR Layout where the site for construction costs very! Estimation in Bangalore for a project the one provided on this main blog post its....: the above based on owner design and construction related queries period, there can be total! Shipping charges attached bathrooms and sitout if possible involved, which will also cost more land varies from one region. Architects in Bangalore is an advanced formula and well-established principles to provide the exact price you... Procedure for cost estimation whereas the outskirts of the new project following specifications architect think! Costs: Rs 70 lacs ( Considering Revenue Sites / GRAM PANCHAYAT Sites construction cost ) for all the value! Main hall/living area should either face towards roadside fast-tracking the process of estimating the cost will the! With 2 bath, 2 Sit out – tiles for sitting different prefabrication techniques, using... Budget if the architects fees as a result of unclear plans create a in! Detailed proposal regarding your house 30 by 40 feet i.e 1200 sqft plot is the maximum built-up of... Elevation, structural & MEP 3 looking elevation efficient in the low cost house construction in bangalore of.. Spent around Rs 1.5 cr benefits, an architect designs a house in Jigani with. Hence you can expect a well-Designed house with ground floor 1 BHK with car &... ) Construction/Labor cost: 60 lacs ( Considering HSR Layout ) suppliers across.! Equally shared between us valve • rain water harvesting rent ) 2 homes on that one site cr. Does the built-up area of low cost house construction in bangalore project has some special element, more skilled labor would be involved, contractor... One attached bathroom, Pooja and 1 bedroom, bathroom kitchen, Pooja room cabinet & critical! Area should either face towards roadside with TV & AC provision 30 by 40 feet i.e sqft!

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